The Best Hot Sauces at Each Level of Spice

For those who like it hot.

These hot sauces add just the right amount of heat for every palette at the dinner table.

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Mild: Habanero Pepper Sauce by Marie Sharp

In 1980, Marie Sharp was making hot sauces out of her kitchen in Belize that became such a hit among friends and neighbors that she decided to start her own business. Her original recipe is still the fan favorite—a blend of vinegar and fresh vegetables (including habanero peppers) that is safe to eat even when your glass of water is only half-full.

Habanero Pepper Sauce by Marie Sharp, $4,

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Medium: Lawyer's Breath Hot Sauce by Judicial Flavors

Started by a lawyer sick of his day job, Judicial Flavors serves their spice with a side of courtroom sass. And while this hot sauce won't give you the third degree, it may make you sweat a little. Featuring a mix of jalapeños, habaneros, and dried chilis, it provides a kick without going full tilt.

Lawyer's Breath Hot Sauce by Judicial Flavors, $5,

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Hot: Cayenne Hot Sauce by Day of the Dead

Ever catch a whiff of cayenne pepper that left your nostrils burning? If so, you know what you're in for with Day of the Dead's Cayenne hot sauce. Packed with the spicy peppers most commonly used in hot sauces, this dressing was inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, and is said to be strong enough to awaken the dead. Bring it to your next Taco Tuesday, or your next séance.

Cayenne Hot Sauce by Day of the Dead, $5,

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Fire: Total Insanity Hot Sauce by Dave's Gourmet

Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauces were originally conceived as a way to control unruly drunk patrons at Dave's burrito shop (no joke!), but instead of scaring them away with the spice, it kept them coming back for more. The slightly garlicky flavor does nothing to temper the heat in this crazy condiment. Red chilies and hot-pepper extract ensure maximum spice with every drop—and we suggest you add it only one drop at a time.

Total Insanity Hot Sauce by Dave's Gourmet, $8,

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Cry to Mama: Hot Sauce Extract by The Source

This bottle is so hot, it comes with a disclaimer absolving the company of all liability should anything happen to the brave souls who dare to try it. The pure chili pepper extract is meant to be diluted—in sauces, meats, salsas—but even a few drops are enough to bring tears to many a hot-sauce-lovers' eyes. (There are YouTube videos to prove it.)

Hot Sauce Extract by The Source, $97,

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