Everything You Need for the Ultimate S'more

The formula for a perfect summer night starts with a bonfire and ends with s'mores—load up on an arsenal of tools and ingredients to make your fireside gathering one for the books.

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The Ingredients

S'mores Kit, $18, whimsyandspice.com.

Save yourself the hassle of hunting down the right ingredients with one of these kits. This one includes homemade marshmallows, graham cracker shortbread cookies, and a square of Valhrona chocolate.

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S'mores Kit, $10, williams-sonoma.com.

Don't show up to a bonfire party empty-handed—freshly baked honey-graham crackers, handmade Tahitian-vanilla marshmallows, and creamy Belgian milk chocolate are a good place to start when it comes to making new friends.

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Dulce de Leche S'mores Kit, $19, ticketchocolate.com.

Put a new spin on the traditional s'mores flavors with this dulce de leche set featuring caramel-swirl marshmallows, honey graham crackers, and a salted caramel milk chocolate bar.

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The Shortcuts

Good to Go: Mini S'mores, $10, dylanscandybar.com.

There's no time to build a fire when a sudden s'mores craving strikes, so get your chocolate fix with one of these crunchy graham crackers topped with marshmallow and dipped in chocolate.

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S'mores Bites, $8, recchiuti.com.

Every bite includes a fluffy, vanilla bean marshmallow atop a handmade graham cracker blanketed in rich, bittersweet chocolate.

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S'mores Dark Chocolate Bar, $10, compartes.com.

S'mores in a bar? Yes, please! This one's a blend of homemade marshmallows and gourmet dark chocolate with bits of graham crackers thrown in—no flames required.

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The Tools

S'more Roaster, $18, shopterrain.com.

The best way to combat cold s'more syndrome is by roasting the whole thing—not just the marshmallow. Pile your ingredients into this cage for an even, allover toast. Hungry pre-s'mores? Use it to warm up vegetables and sandwiches over the pit as well!

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Marshmallow Non-Stick Twig Skewer by Charcoal Companion, $29, wayfair.com.

Kill five birds with one stone using this twig skewer, and then you can either spread the love or keep all the golden-brown marshmallows for yourself (we recommend the latter).

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S'mores Roasting Rack with Skewers by Charcoal Companion, $12, amazon.com.

Already have the grill fired up? Skip the open fire and make s'mores on that instead with this easy-to-use, stainless steel roasting rack.

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The Tricks

S'mores Cone Rack, $15, surlatable.com.

Give your s'mores an inventive twist by turning them into cones! Just fill a waffle cone with your choice of chocolate and marshmallows (and peanut butter and pretzels and whatever else tickles your fancy) for a new way to down your s'mores.

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