15 Fall Foods to Get Psyched About

Your cornucopia is empty right now....how embarrassing. Fill it up immediately with these tasty fall ingredients, from figs to fennel!

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The Food: Quince

What to Do: Let's start with what not to do: quinces are inedible when raw! If you're up for a culinary adventure, skin and poach these pear-like fruits, and serve them up with panna cotta.

The Food: Acorn Squash

What to Do: Clean them out, stuff them with rice and other veggie goodies, and toss them in the oven for a low maintenance, but fancy meal.

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The Food: Cauliflower

What to Do: Steam them, fry them, bread them and pretend they're wings, or whip them into a creamy sauce. This mild vegetable is not only great at being itself, but it can also be a convincing imitator of other foods, like bread, cream, and cheese. Basically, the cauliflower is down to experiment. When we aren't making vegan cauliflower mac and cheese, we're simply sautéing our cauliflower with some oil and garam masala.

The Food: Fig

What to Do: Figs are a great snack, fresh or dried. They're beautiful on a piece of toast with ricotta, or in an elegantly presented tart. They're versatile enough that you can pop them in your mouth on the spot, turn them into the world's most stunning dessert, and just about anything in between.

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The Food: Brussels Sprout

What to Do: Pretty much anything, or nothing. Brussels sprouts are great steamed with a little salt and pepper, or sautéed with a healthy dose of olive oil. Add them to salads and pastas, either whole or chopped up. Add a little maple syrup when you cook them, and they're basically dessert.

The Food: Cabbage

What to Do: The cabbage is far more elegant than anyone gives it credit for. We love a good pickled cabbage, particularly in kimchi. Try pairing your cabbage with cauliflower and Gruyère cheese for the ultimate delicious gratin.

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The Food: Sage

What to Do: Sage and squash, squash and sage. Like a culinary Brangelina, these two are better together. The possibilities are endless, but we like our squash and sage in a penne pasta with pecorino romano cheese.

The Food: Pear

What to Do: Eat them plain, add to a salad, or bake them in a tart with plenty of cinnamon. We suggest poaching them, either in honey and topped with mascarpone, or in wine, and topped with ice cream. You truly can't go wrong.

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The Food: Shallot

What to Do: Roast or fry this milder, sweeter cousin to the onion, and let them work their magic in soups, stews, and meat-and-potato dishes.

The Food: Pomegranate

What to Do: There's a culinary myth that pomegranate seeds, or arils, are difficult to harvest. Not so. First cut your pomegranate in half with a chef's knife, and then submerge the two sections in warm water. The casing should come away from the arils easily. Now they're ready to be eaten, tossed in a salad, or cooked into a syrupy sauce.

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