Team Cocoa

Omnom might be named after the Cookie Monster's trademark noise, but make no mistake: this brand takes its chocolate very seriously.

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Pro tip: Choose chocolate that does double duty as desk snack and desk decor.
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Off the coast of Reykjavik, inside a quaint former gas station, four friends (Kjartan Gíslason, Óskar Þórðarson, Karl Viggó Vigfússon, and André Úlfur Visage) are creating the prettiest bars of chocolate we've found yet. It all started two years ago, when Gíslason decided to leave his career as a chef to become a chocolatier (something we've all fantasized about at one point or another).

Oops. It tasted great, promise.
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The result was Omnom, named after the trademark sound that the Cookie Monster makes while going ham on his favorite treats. The crew takes a bespoke approach to their chocolate-making, sourcing high-quality organic cacao beans from places like the Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, and Madagascar. The beans are then transformed into flavors like Coffee and Milk, Dark Milk and Burned Sugar, Licorice and Sea Salt, and Dirty Blonde (a sweet cocoa melded with butter and caramel)—all of which can only be tasted, we're afraid, by disassembling the beautiful packaging.

Omnom Chocolate Bars, $11 each,

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