Candy Crush

This online club is like having a pen pal who only wants to talk about elusive international candy brands.

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We've all been there: You discover an amazing brand of candy while you're traveling abroad. You bring one (or five) pieces back home, and within a week you've either eaten them all or given them away as souvenirs. Mainstream companies like Kinder and Cadbury aside, most of the best international candy brands tend to remain their home country's best-kept secret.

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But for the truly diehard, the International Candy Exchange can make almost any sweet a global affair. Founder Jhony Marquete created the Facebook group back in 2011 as a way to cure his own sugar cravings. "I started the project because I wanted to try candy from all over the world," he says. "I've always been curious about trying different food and thought many other people would find that experience interesting, too."

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Since then, the group has grown to 2,600 members from all over the world. The most popular requests might surprise you. "The candy I see most on the feed is American," Marquete says. "Butterfingers, Twinkies…. I imagine that people from all over the world see them on the American movies and TV shows and want to try the candy themselves." But curious Americans need not feel left out: We've also noticed Japanese candy sculptures, limited-edition Danish chocolates, and Tunisian treats.

No matter where you live, visit the International Candy Exchange page on Facebook to start swapping for yourself.

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