Rare Japanese Candy, No Passport Required

You don't have to leave your house to get it.

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Whether it's organic beauty products, luxury pet supplies, or novelty bacon that you're after, chances are there's a subscription box ready to fulfill your most specific desires. Our latest favorite, Japan Crate, takes this philosophy one step further: it stocks its monthly boxes with candy so rare, it's not even available in the United States. Launched in 2014, Japan Crate has set itself apart from other Japanese candy competitors (like TokyoTreat and Oyatsu Cafe, which have similar models) by offering three different boxes, all of which are filled with full-size (rather than sample) packages of treats like "chocolate mini pancakes," "mysterious soda balls," and sour fruit gummies.

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Plus, each crate also comes with a booklet with info about each treat inside, DIY activities, and even a mini-anime comic strip. So now when you brag to your friends about your hard-to-find Japanese snacks, you'll have some impressive trivia to offer up, too.

Monthly Subscription Box, starting at $12 per month, japancrate.com.

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