Just Try to Think of 36 Flavors of Mustard

It's not easy! But here are a few standouts. Get ready to have a little bit of Canada's favorite mustard somewhere on your face.

Lime and Honey or Hot Garlic? How about Balsamic Fig and Date? Mustard is finally edging to the front of the condiment cabinet, so it's time to open your mind to a whole new slew of flavors, courtesy of Kozlik's Canadian Mustard. Sure, orange and ginger may not be at the top of your "things to mix with mustard" list (or maybe they are, no judgment), but with over 36 varieties ranging from sweet to savory to spicy, you're bound to find one for which no amount of pretzels will be adequate.

Kozlik's Canadian Mustard was founded in 1948, and is still family owned and operated out of Toronto. All their mustards are made with 100 percent Canadian mustard seeds and are non-GMO and gluten-free, with zero additives or preservatives. Check out our favorite sinus-clearing, mouth-watering, hot dog-topping picks below.

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Horseradish Mustard

Made with hot white horseradish, this spicy mustard will kick you in the mouth and clear up anything you've got going on up there.

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Amazing Maple

No one does Maple better than Canadians, but this sweet take on mustard still has bite. Made with real Canadian Maple Syrup, the bestseller can be treated as a glaze or, you know, licked right off your finger.

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Balsamic Fig & Date

The unanimous favorite of the Sweet team, this savory and sweet concoction has the indulgent flavors of fruit, balsamic vinegar, vanilla, and sherry. Excuse us while we stockpile.

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Sweet & Smokey

This delicious blend of honey, hickory, and garlic is about as close as you're going to get to a BBQ-mustard combo, and it tastes just as good as that sounds.

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This bottle contains nothing but pure, unadulterated mustard—no extracts, no additives, nothing. With a 5/5 heat factor, the dangerously spicy concoction is ready to conquer every raw oyster and hog roast you throw its way.

Kozlik's Canadian Mustard, $6 each, kozliks.com.

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