The Weirdest Accounts on Snapchat

And you're going to want to follow them, stat.

And you're going to want to follow them, stat.

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If You Want Your Snapchat to Be a Wonderland

User: John Mayer, @JohnTheKangaroo

What to Expect: Did anyone expect John Mayer to be such a troll? No? Well, it turns out that the "Daughters" singer's dry sense of humor translates perfectly on Snapchat—and, of course, his ability to bust out songs off the top of his head doesn't hurt.

The Surprise Factor: With short "films" and impromptu beauty tutorials, Mayer has proven himself to be multi-talented.

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If You Think Balloons Make Everything Better

User: Steven Paananen, @StevenBalloons

What to Expect: As a balloon artist, unicyclist, singer, and overall jokester, Steven Paananen takes Snapchat seriously—as a way to spread some laughs, at least. Come for the balloon animals, stay for the general silliness.

The Surprise Factor: Every once in a while, Paananen will stage a snap narrative as his way of commenting on what's topical—even if that means crying in the shower to Frank Ocean while pouring a mysterious green substance on his hair. 

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If You Love Surrealist Humor and Also Puns

User: Gil Ozeri, @gilozeri

What to Expect: Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Gil Ozeri doesn't use Snapchat to capture the banalities of real life. He uses it to stage bizarre sketches that he somehow convinces cashiers, waiters, and strangers to participate in.

The Surprise Factor: It's shocking enough that some of Ozeri's snap set-ups have not yet gotten him in trouble for trespassing, causing a commotion, or simply acting suspicious—in the most delightfully strange way, of course.

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If You Frequently Imagine the Lives of Strangers

User: Geir Ove Pedersen, @geeohsnap

What to Expect: Want a bit of whimsy on your snap feed? This Norwegian artist can help you out: Geir Ove Pedersen snaps candids of strangers and illustrates over them, to delightful effect.

The Surprise Factor: These illustrations are really, really impressive—be prepared for some snap envy.

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If You're Gross

User: Dr. Sandra Lee, @DrPimplePopper

What to Expect: Exactly what it sounds like: Dr. Lee pops some rather ugly-looking pimples for her dermatology patients.

The Surprise Factor: There is literally no surprise here. You know what happens when pimples are popped—and there are some big ones here. Consider this your warning.

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If You Love Cats and Also Art

User: Audrey, @cakes1todough1

What to Expect: Master illustrator Audrey has the talent to transform her ordinary cat pictures into works of art. And you thought your self-portraits were snapsterpieces!

The Surprise Factor: OK, the illustrations are Audrey. But her cats' derpy facial expressions? That's all them.

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If You Simply Love Taco Bell (or, Brands That Are Cool)

User: Taco Bell, @tacobell

What to Expect: A corporate brand can't possibly have a cool Snapchat, right? Wrong. This fast food chain is quickly connecting with customers—and even just distant admirers—thanks to its snaps of food hacks, product reveals, and general taco love. Even if you don't consider yourself a Taco Bell fan, the restaurant's Snapchat prowess might just make you one.

The Surprise Factor: Your Taco Bell cravings will increase tenfold after following, if only so that you can snap your crunchwrap supreme.

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If You Love Asking, "How'd He Do That?!"

User: Dynamo Magician, @dynamomagician

What to Expect: Dynamo certainly has a few tricks up his sleeve. The magician has performed for the likes of Cara Delevingne and James Cordon—so you know he's got to be the real deal, right?

The Surprise Factor: These are tricks that you actually can't figure out. Be prepared to scratch your head in contemplation for the rest of the day.

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If You Need a Break from Your Friends' Cat and Dog Videos

User: Hamlet the Piggy, @Hammyandme1

What to Expect: Photos of Hamlet the pig, living his pig lifestyle of lying under blankets, looking generally very cute, and wearing fun clothes.

The Surprise Factor: You didn't think that a pig would own a Beyoncé-inspired shirt, did you?

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If You Miss the Old Days of Reality TV

User: Spencer Pratt, @prattspencer

What to Expect: What else is a former Hills star to do with his day than shop for crystals and narrate his readings of tabloids? Spencer Pratt may not be directly in the spotlight anymore, but he's found a welcome home here on Snapchat.

The Surprise Factor: Considering how scripted The Hills was, Pratt is quite candid IRL.

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