Apple's New Update Will Make You a Lot More Creative

It's now easier than it's ever been to explore your passions.

You're hours into a major Photoshop editing session, and you're on a roll. You've already edited 100 photos and could edit 100 more, but, well, your wrist is killing you and your creative flow keeps getting interrupted. Now, there's a simple solution to your frustrations: MacBook's new Touch Bar. It brings app-specific toolbars to the top of your keyboard (bye, mouse) and instantly streamlines working on your laptop.

With more creative apps utilizing the feature, it's more fun than ever to try a new app and learn a new skill at the same time.

Here's a look at how it makes all your favorite apps even easier to use.

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If You Want to Be a Revolutionary DJ

Download: Djay Pro

What the App Does: A professional DJ app made for Apple that combines your iTunes and Spotify libraries, Djay Pro lets you add your own personal touch by mixing, slicing, and synchronizing multiple tracks at once—you can even add your own drum sounds.

What Touch Bar Lets You Do: Scratch and slice a track, add filters and effects in real time, and pull audio samples. In short, it makes it easy to pretend you're the fourth member of Major Lazer, just by moving your fingers.

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If You Want to Be a Serious Photographer

Download: Adobe Photoshop

What the App Does: What doesn't it do? You can make memes, GIFs, and change the background of any photo to make it look like you spent your holidays in the Caribbean.

What Touch Bar Lets You Do: Sort through photos, zoom in on minute details, crop images—Photoshop simply lets you edit your photos in the most efficient way possible. Perfect for those times when you've somehow procrastinated till the very last minute before your first gallery opening.

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Download: Artistry Photo Pro

What the App Does: Allows you to apply more than 100 built-in effects and edit photos section by section for improved image enhancement.

What Touch Bar Lets You Do: Slide through various photo effects and filters, blend an adjustment layer, and change brush size and opacity—because you should be able to perfect your next Instagram without having to use your mouse.

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If You Want to Blog About Anything and Everything

Download: Blogo

What the App Does: Lets you publish stories to your WordPress, Medium, or Blogger from your laptop and mobile devices.

What Touch Bar Lets You Do: Makes editing blog posts and moderating comments easier than ever, even when you're on the move.

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Download: Day One

What the App Does: Lets you journal all of your thoughts and feelings.

What Touch Bar Lets You Do: Helps you easily create new entries and comb through your archive with helpful formatting features like a swipeable timeline scrubber, so you can fully revel in all of your deepest emotions.

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If You Want to Design All Day and Night

Download: Sketch

What the App Does: Enables you to design products and websites.

What Touch Bar Lets You Do: Select an object and adjust its properties without even lifting your hand, so you can focus all of your energy into harvesting that creative brain of yours.

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