Your Personality Can Help You Make a Difference

Want to volunteer but not sure where to start? Let's figure this out.

Are you outgoing? Artistic? Outdoorsy? We've paired your best qualities with organizations that could use them!

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If You're the Leader of Your Friend Group...

Maybe a political career is in your future! Here are some ways to get started.

Check Out Running Start: This female-focused organization provides opportunities for young women looking to get involved in politics and change things from the inside out. If you're a high school or college student, Running Start offers chances to attend camps, complete fellowships and internships on Capitol Hill, and network with members of Congress. And if you happen to be a woman already working in politics, the organization is always on the lookout for mentors.

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Apply for a Political Internship: With the midterm elections coming up in 2018, now is an exciting time to be a political intern. For information on how to apply, check out your local congressperson's website, and attend a College Democrats or College Republicans meeting—chances are, someone in your campus's chapter has completed the same internship and can give you some insight.

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If You're Outgoing...

Here are a few volunteer opportunities where you'll get to do what you do best: help people one-on-one.

Join Border Angels: If you happen to live in San Diego County, Border Angels, a nonprofit that advocates for immigration reform, social justice, and human rights, is completely volunteer-based. Those involved with the organization assist with on-the-ground outreach to immigrants in southern California and maintain rescue stations along migration routes.

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Volunteer with the National Organization for Women (NOW): This foundation and PAC is a major advocate for women's rights. Check out your local chapter's page for hands-on volunteer opportunities like clinic escorting, and if you don't have a local chapter, NOW's website has step-by-step instructions on how to start one.

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Get Involved with the Mazzoni Center: Philadelphia's Mazzoni Center offers health care to the local LGBTQ population, including walk-in HIV and STI testing, trans clinical care services, and addiction recovery programs. They're looking for volunteers to staff tables and engage with the public at community events, distribute safer-sex information, and pitch in with marketing initiatives.

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If No One Can Top Your Research Skills...

Good news: your online sleuthing can help your community.

Check Out Campaign Zero: This organization aims to reduce police violence through policy change—and has a super-comprehensive plan to do it!—but they need your help. Read up on Campaign Zero's local-legislation-tracking tools, then use them to stay on top of what's happening in your community and hold your representatives accountable for taking action.

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If You're a Writer...

Use that talent to mentor someone who loves words as much as you do.

Score Essays for TheDream.Us: College grads, this one's for you. TheDream.Us helps young undocumented immigrants, who have no access to federal aid, get college degrees. Right now they're looking for National Selection Committee Members to read and score applicant essays; all you need is a bachelor's degree and an understanding of the immigrant community.

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Be a Girls Write Now or WriteGirl Mentor: These mentorship programs pair New York City (Girls Write Now) and Los Angeles (WriteGirl) high school students with women writers, who help them turn their ideas into reality—from song lyrics and screenplays to poetry and short stories. WriteGirl is looking for volunteers this spring, while Girls Write Now will start taking new applications in September.

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If Kids Think You're the Coolest…

Sometimes, being a kid can be confusing and weird. Here's how you can make it less so.

Join the Boys & Girls Clubs of America: When you sign up to become a mentor at a Boys or Girls Club—they have posts in most U.S. cities—you get to give back to your community just by hanging out with an awesome kid who needs some life advice.

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Reading Partners: If you're a natural teacher, get involved with Reading Partners. For just an hour a week (or more, if you like), you'll read with kids one-on-one so they can learn to read on their own—a skill that will change their lives.

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