You've Never Napped Like This Before

Let's pretend we have unlimited funds and pick out the nap chair of our dreams.

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For a Swaddled Snooze

Sometimes, a bed just doesn't cut it. It's not ergonomically shaped to keep you cocooned in the fetal position. It doesn't slope gently, nestling you tenderly like a kangaroo safely tucked away in its mother's pouch. You need a napping vessel that will hold you like the precious cargo you are as you drift away into dreamland.

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You may find that, when snuggled inside Blandito, your unconscious mind flickers through images of tacos. Yum!

If birds are entitled to nest then so are you.

For a High-Tech Trance

Some feng shui experts say that technology has no place in the bedroom. But they didn't say anything about nap chairs, did they? Probably not! Get the most out of your z's with chairs that work with your body to maximize the amount of REM sleep you get.

The Productivity Boosting Nap Pod, $16,000,
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According to tests by NASA, this vessel for 20-minute naps improves concentration—and if NASA says it, it's got to be true. Astronauts need to have heightened powers of concentration! Haven't you seen The Martian?

The Power Nap Capsule, $25,000,

Sure, this napping capsule is scientifically designed to maximize the effectiveness of your nap, but doesn't it also just look really cool?

For a Styled Slumber

Let's be open and honest here—sometimes you look really silly when you sleep. Your mouth may fall slightly agape and you might even snore a little. The only way to offset this is to sleep on something totally stylish.

Sway, $4,415,
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Your grandmother's rocking chair looks really, really lame now. No offense.

Jasper Wall Hugger Recliner by Palliser Furniture, $1,014,
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Don't you think it's about time to upgrade that La-Z-Boy to something with a bit more panache?

Blue Alpha Egg Chair and Ottoman by Fine Mod Imports, $1,040,

BRB, taking a quick snooze in my galactic throne.

For a Well-Designed Doze

Some may say "that weird chair is going to look stupid in your tiny apartment," but to them we say, "Have you never heard of an accent piece before?" You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. But you do need a napping spot fit for the MoMA.

Yes, I would love to sleep on a cascading mountain of giant blueberries.

Sweet Lip Lounge Chair by Ceets, $543,

When your roommates see you curled up on this pair of lips, they will have no choice but to ask themselves, "Is she doing another performance art piece again?"

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