How to Transform Your Room With a Little Pop of Color

It's not about a major color overhaul—we're talking cheery accents that can make all the difference.

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The Living Room

Shouldn't your living room have some life to it? A selection of vibrantly hued accents will make your space as inviting as ever, whether you're hanging out alone or hosting your book club's latest meeting. Boring white walls have met their match.

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The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so when it comes to decorating, there's no need to stray too far outside your comfort zone. You can subtly brighten up your bedroom with small accessories—speakers, cheeky art prints, or a chair in a pastel hue.

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The Bathroom

Bathrooms don't have to be so utilitarian. Adding a splash of color to it might just give the drudgery of your morning routine some much-needed invigoration. Bring in some plants! Get funky with your shower curtain! Not even your toothbrush needs to be boring.

The Kitchen

Fact: food tastes better when eaten off of a watercolor-patterned plate. Here's hoping brighter appliances will inspire you to cook more, and give your Seamless account some time off.

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