How to Make Your Phone Basically Indestructible

We get it. Here's how to not spend all your money repairing it.

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Get a Sturdy Case, Duh

If your phone is naked, it's going to be vulnerable. This is a simple truth. Having any kind of phone case is better than having no case at all, but a case with a layer of shock-absorption will protect your phone when it inevitably falls from a steep height. Get a case from a brand that specializes in sturdiness, and your device will be safe.

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Consider the Bumper

Don't like the looks of a fully encased phone? That's valid. A bumper can offer an impressive level of protection while keeping your phone looking sleek.

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Save Your Screen

A simple plastic screen protector can save your phone screen from getting scratched—but a glass protector can save it from getting cracked. Avoid the unfortunate spider web effect of a shattered screen, and go for a glossy protector.

Consider Your Activities

So, you can't not bring your phone into the ocean with you. You need to snap that perfect moment in the pool. You climb to mountaintops and just have to document the process—fair. If you lead an especially active lifestyle, it will be worth your while to invest in a bulkier, impact-proof, and waterproof case.

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