The Poster Suddenly Looks Grown Up

Adorn your wall with something a little more stylish. Follow us.

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Instead of a Basic Map

Express your love of globe-trotting with vintage-inspired travel posters, landscape shots of your favorite destinations, or minimalist, geography-themed signage. A map is a pretty expected choice of wall decor, but when you narrow it down to specific locations, things will look a lot more refined.

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Instead of Keeping Calm & Carrying On

The typography-based poster is a classic choice of wall adornment—so classic, in fact, that many popular designs have run their course and are now supremely cliché. But there are lots of new ways to bring the good vibes, whimsy, and impressive font design into your space.

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Instead of the Typical Movie Poster

Pay homage to your favorite films, authors, and bands with artist reimaginings of their best works. Who knew that movie posters could look so elegant?

Instead of the Starry Night Print

OK, fair. Van Gogh was a great artist—so great that pretty much everyone agrees on that fact. So mix things up a bit and throw a more unexpected artwork on your wall. It's bound to become a conversation-starter.

Now, here's how to hang it.

Frame It

Framing posters not only makes them look nicer, it also protects them. Especially if you spend good money on a high-quality poster, a frame is beyond worth it just to keep your poster in good shape for years to come.

Affix It

Picture Hanging Strips by Command, $9,

Forget the fun tack, the painter's tape, and the nails—Command Strips are where it's at for optimal framed-poster security. For bigger framed posters, use a strip in each corner; for smaller ones, you can get by with a strip on each side.

Cluster It

Don't rely on a single poster to give a wall some life. Cluster prints and posters of various sizes together, and voilà—you've got a very cool, very stylish gallery wall.

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