Stop Hitting Snooze Once and for All

A new alarm clock is changing the way you wake up. Plus, it's really, really cute.

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Most alarm clocks are built with the intention of pulling you out of your deep, foggy slumber by interrupting your dreams with a sonic scream. Kello isn't like that. Kello knows that mornings are hard. Kello understands—and that's why it does much more than just urge you out of bed.

Developed with several sleep options, the alarm clock can train you to stop hitting snooze, wake up earlier, fall asleep faster, and develop much healthier sleep habits. It also syncs with Spotify, Tidal, and Soundcloud so you can listen to your favorite music as you fall asleep and wake up. Suddenly, your iPhone alarm doesn't look so great.

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Kello's app also offers additional sleep programs that can even help with getting out of bed more easily. It has a selection of motivational speeches that can turbocharge your morning and a jet lag feature to help your recover from trips faster. You can even take a power nap, with Kello helping you to wake up at the right moment so that you feel less groggy and more alert.

The Kello alarm clock is now available on Kickstarter in three colors (cerulean blue, taupe grey, and mint green) for $109—but if you throw down an extra $90, you can order it in any Pantone color you want! A rose quartz alarm clock might be in your future.


So, if you somehow always end up turning off your phone alarm in the midst of a really, really good dream about the last pizza you ate, a new alarm clock is probably a good idea. And Kello might be the best one you could ever ask for.

To preorder Kello on Kickstarter, visit

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