You Can Stargaze At Any Hour of the Day

Bring the beautiful night sky into your bedroom.

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If you're longing to see more of what the night sky has to offer but live in a place where that just isn't possible on a regular basis, you may want to look into getting a home planetarium. There are many on the market, but the Homestar by Sega Toys—with its beautifully ornate renderings and sleek design—is the one that caught our eye.

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Homestar, $150,

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Number of stars you can see, right in your living room: 60,000.


Yes, there are even shooting stars!

The "Warped Andromeda" is just one of the additional discs you can buy to expand the capability of your planetarium.

The Homestar lets you project images of the night sky with a diameter of 106" (almost nine feet!).


The Homestar Home Planetarium is available—along with additional discs for even more star viewing—at

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