Find Out What Your Aura's Colors Mean

Aura photography is like the world's prettiest infographic.

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The Lowdown

Aura photography claims to capture your vibe (literally, your energy vibration), which reflects your current state of being, with color. It has to be performed by someone trained to use a Kirlian camera (named for the Russian husband-and-wife duo who accidently discovered the technique in 1939). Your portrait is snapped against a black background, and as the Polaroid film develops, clouds of color will begin to shape around (and often in front of) your image.

If you're not doing well, your photo will be cloudy with color.

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This form of electro-photography ionizes the air around the subject of the photo. Any water in the atmosphere becomes visible, creating a unique wash of color and light.

So, Who Are You Then?

This girl's aura is awesome: Red = strong-willed and confident; white = reflective, angelic qualities; turquoise = creative, healer.
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The second layer of magic (or is it science? mysticism? B.S.?) comes in "reading" the outcome of the picture. Each color represents a different chakra (there are seven of those and they run vertically from the crown of your head to your reproductive organs), and the presence, absence, placement, and vibrancy of each hue has meaning, or so it goes. If you're not doing well—feeling sad or otherwise burdened—your photo will be cloudy with color. Things are gravy? You'll get a crisper portrait.

An important note here: the image doesn't reflect your lifelong vibe, but rather a moment in time. Colors in the center relate to the current week, colors to your right hold information about last week, and colors to your left forecast the week to come.

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