Your Personality Has a Color—Knowing It Will Make Life a Lot Easier

Hue are you, really?

True Colors is a personality profiling system created in the late '70s, loosely based on the four human temperaments observed by Hippocrates, the Greek physician widely considered to be the father of modern medicine. Using an in-depth personality quiz, True Colors identifies your unique temperament by breaking it down into four categories, each represented by—you guessed it—a color. But instead of assigning you just one and calling it a day, True Colors gives you a breakdown of each piece that makes up your whole, so you have an individualized ratio explaining who you are.

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So, Who Are You Then?

Rude that you can't be, like, lilac.
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The colors in question are blue, orange, gold, and green. Blue represents an ultimate will to feel unique and to discover oneself; orange is for spontaneous risk-takers; gold people are organized, punctual, and stable; and green means curious, innovative, and logical. The True Colors system understands that there are no one-note individuals, and that we all have nuances to our personality.

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