Your Name Has Been Affecting Your Life More Than You Know

Thanks, mom and dad.

Do you know the meaning behind your first name? According to, "choosing a name is choosing a fate." And, despite the hyphenated web address and the—let's face it—janky layout, we have a feeling they're right. Every Sweet editor who plugged in their first name came away with a reading that was so crazy-accurate it left them wondering what mystical internet forces, exactly, are behind this unassuming little site.

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So, Who Are You Then?

Well, to find that out you'll have to try yourself. But in the meantime, here's what they have to say about Solange Knowles.


Like her sister Beyoncé, Solange is known largely by her first name alone.
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"Solange is an extremely lively and energetic woman who is also warm and friendly, cheerful, and very likable. She is rather quirky and has various areas of interests, of both a creative and intellectual nature and simply for fun. Because she is extremely sensitive she could appear reserved, wary, or even inhibited at first… Sensitive to aesthetics and art, it would be a good idea to encourage her to make the most of her creative talents, because when she is motivated, Solange is capable of great personal effort and the results could be astonishing."

Convinced yet?

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