What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About You?

It's not what you write, it's how you write it.

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The Lowdown

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, became popular in the U.S. in the mid-20th century, after having been around for a few hundred years. That's probably because of the rise of "graphoanalysis," a new branch of graphology that was being touted as "scientific." The practice started to be used by companies to hire people and by psychoanalysts to help people figure out their issues within that other new branch of science, psychology.

Closed loops tend to indicate skepticism or emotional tension or stress.

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In the years since, graphology has failed just about every test of its accuracy—which is unfortunate because it's so much fun. So we're just going to pretend it's real and go with it.

So, Who Are You Then?

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Graphoanalysis looks at your cursive writing, preferably a few samples taken at different times. So, before you read this, write out a few sentences so you'll have some samples to look at. Add any older samples you might have lying around.

What Does Your Writing Slant Mean?

Between A and B: You're logical, and your judgment will overrule your emotions any day. You won't react emotionally unless the situation is unusually emotionally affecting.

Between B and C: You will respond sympathetically with some emotion. You still consider a situation carefully before reacting.

Between C and D: You're expressive and in touch with your emotional side, content to let your rational mind ride in the passenger seat.

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Between D and E: You respond with extreme emotion to situations; logic isn't even an option. These are the intensely feeling types who experience everything—ups and downs—to the fullest, to the point where life can become exhausting from all the emotional force.

Between A and F: You're beyond logical, to the point where you repress yourself.

What Does Your Letter Size Mean?

Large letters: You're outgoing, with a big personality.

Medium letters: You're pretty easygoing, neither too loud, nor too reserved; well-adjusted.

Small letters: You're a quiet, self-reflective person with a lot of focus.

What Does Your Letter Shape Mean?

Loops: Closed loops tend to indicate skepticism or emotional tension or stress, while full loops suggest spontaneity.

S: Is your cursive "S" round and bubbly? You might be someone who tries hard to please others. A pointed cursive "S" indicates a love of intellectual pursuits.

M. N. Bunker's Handwriting Analysis ($4, abebooks.com) is the original graphoanalysis reference.

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