The Story of Who You Are, as Told by Your Feet

It's time to do some sole searching.

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It seems random, but there are whole systems for determining your personality, as well as your ethnic origins, based on the shape of your foot—especially your toes. Think feet are gross? Not so. They are the secret to who you are. JK. But they are more interesting to look at once you know some foot reading.

This is not reflexology, which is a therapy based on the idea that each area of your sole is linked to a part of your body (although that's pretty interesting, too). Foot reading—also known as "solestry," "podomancy," or "sole divination"—is the practice of interpreting foot shape and even foot conditions to better understand your personality and emotions.

Now take a look at your feet and see how they look: what are their, ahem, overarching qualities? You can get some general ideas of your personality and emotions this way.

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So, Who You Are Then?

The most general form of foot reading is also probably the least accurate (and most Euro-centric), but it's still fun and useful for getting acquainted with your feet: reading your ethnic origins. Take a look at the arrangement of your toes; some believe that how they align (or don't) is a result of genetic traits that can be traced back to ancient cultures.

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Now take a look at your feet and see how the look: what are their, ahem, overarching qualities? You can get some general ideas of your personality and emotions this way.

What Does Your Foot's Bone Structure Mean?

Big feet: You crave attention.

High arches: You're independent and self-sufficient.

Low arches: You're practical; you may need to let your imagination free; you tend to rely on others.

Cracked heels: You have obstacles you need to overcome; your foundation is not stable. You may be indecisive or feeling pulled in different directions.Swollen or puffy feet: You're holding back and need to express your emotions and resolve past issues or burdens.

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What Are Your Toes Trying to Tell You?

Toes bent towards the big toe: You're holding on to the past.

Toes bent towards the little toe: You're rushing to the future.

Crooked toes: You modify your thinking to please others.

Bent toes: You're self-conscious; you may fear failure or responsibility.

Twisted toes: You look to others for reassurance and may shy away from acknowledging the truth.

Vertical ridges on the toenails: You're stubbornly protective of your views

Horizontal ridges on the nails: You're insecure and emotionally unstable; you may not stand up for your views.

What Does Each Part of the Foot Represent?

Right foot: Your past.

Left foot: Your present.

Long toes: Creativity.

Second toe longer than the big toe: Leadership qualities.

Small pinky toe: Childlike and fun.

Small pinky toe that can move independently of other toes: You're adventurous and don't like routine.

Each toe is thought to reflect a general area of your life:

Large toes: the quality of that toe is abundant or maybe exaggerated

Short toes: the energy of that toe is restrained or repressed

Rounded toes: sensitive

Pointy toes: aggressive, energy is expressed in bursts

Squared off toes: the energy is expressed in plain, no-nonsense way

Spatulate toes: energy expressed powerfully

Your big toe can say some big things….

If it's really big, you might talk a lot, but much of it may be untrue.

If it's painful, you may be holding on to sorrows, which might be holding you back.

If it's set apart from the others, you may be more private and need time to express yourself.

So can your middle toes….

A longer second toe (Morton's toe) means you have have a strong point of view and opinions, and you like to be in charge; you also can instill confidence in others.

If your second and third toes are webbed, your self-esteem is tied to your career or other activities—and you might be a genius.

And lastly, the little piggies….

If one or more of your little toes is squeezed under another toe, you might lack confidence and find it hard to trust others and let things go. You may be reluctant to take on responsibility.

To learn more about foot reading, read Imre Somogyi's Reading Toes ($22, or Jane Sheehan's Let's Read Our Feet! ($52,

Jane Sheehan also publishes a solestry newsletter, The Pampering Times; subscribe at

For a foot reading by photo, email the toe-reading foundation FuDaRe at

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