What Do Your Dreams Actually Mean?

Your dreams are trying to tell you something.

Your dreams are a direct link to your unconscious mind, or at least that's what Sigmund Freud said. But he wasn't the first person to analyze dreams. In ancient Mesopotamia, dreams were thought to be omens from the gods. "Dream diviners" would reveal their meaning. People have been interpreting dreams ever since.

So What Do the 10 Most Common Dream Symbols Mean?

Let's do some dream divining!

You're Flying!

You're confident and in control. Maybe you recently overcame a challenge or gained new perspective on something. You're in touch with your power.

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Your Teeth Are Falling Out

The old-school interpretation: Someone is going to die.

Today: It probably just means that you're avoiding some difficult emotion. Any issues you need to confront?

You're Falling

You feel powerless. Something has gotten out of your control.

If you're enjoying it, then you're spontaneous and flexible.

There's a Hidden Door Leading to a Room You Never Knew Was There

You're ready to explore part of yourself or your unconscious mind.

Pay attention to what's inside: you might learn something!

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You're Dancing!

Nothing's holding you down, and your life is balanced and harmonious.

If you're dancing with your ex, that means you're at peace with them.

You Forgot to Study for a Big Exam

You feel like you're being evaluated, or you're not dealing with something important in your life.

A Dead Relative Visits You

We like to think this one's real. Why wouldn't a loved one come to you in your sleep? Enjoy the visit!

You Can't Speak, Punch, or Run

You're lacking confidence or struggling to express yourself and your needs. It may be time to find your voice IRL.

(Also, you're literally paralyzed during REM sleep, so there's that!)

You Can Breathe Underwater

You're comfortable with your deepest, darkest emotions and intuitions.

If you see a seahorse, you're glimpsing your mighty unconscious.

(A shipwreck, not so much.)

You're Naked!

You feel exposed and vulnerable. You may fear rejection from someone.

If you're into it, though, then you have a strong sense of freedom and are proud of who you are.

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