4 Tips to Help You Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Most people wake up two to three times a night. Don't stress about it. Here are a couple of simple tips to keep your mind and body at ease.

Tip No. 1: When your body temperature is lower, you fall asleep faster. Adjust the thermostat or peel off a layer and let your body chill.

Tip No. 2: Mentally plan your outfit for the day. Making small decisions helps your brain focus on something positive (rather than dwelling on a nightmare). The less stress, the better your slumber!

Your phone screen's blue light can decrease your body's melatonin level, the hormone that helps you go to sleep. It's tempting to watch your friends' late-night Snap stories before bed, but science says: Put the phone away.

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Tip No. 3: Place your phone in another room before bed. Put it on silent mode so you aren't tempted to respond to notifications!

Tip No. 4: Stop using your phone as your alarm clock, and invest in a clock that will wake you up with nature sounds and a gradual increase in simulated sunlight. You'll ease out of sleep more naturally and won't get distracted by your social feeds.

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