Your Room Really, Really Needs a Chill Zone

Here's how to make one.

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The perfect chill zone is cozy and inviting, but not so much so that it turns into a second bed. To strike this balance, seek out a sunny corner of your space and line the floor with oversize cushions. Three or four should give you enough room to recline solo or lounge with friends.

Kashmir Faux Fur Bean Bag, $259,

Namais Square Floor Pillow by Holli Zollinger, $89,

Hanna Drop Cloth Floor Pillow, $69,

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Now that you've got your pillows laid out, you need a side table that's low to the ground (reaching for anything defeats the purpose of a chill zone). Stock yours with relaxation essentials, like a mini speaker and a candle with a calming scent.

Octahedron Pedestal, $65,

Little Natural-Colored Bamboo Table, $139,

Hide Side Table by Karoline Fesser, $229,

Every chill zone needs its own sound system. Invest in a tiny, wireless speaker that syncs with your phone.

SRSHG1 H.Ear Go Bluetooth Speaker by Sony, $100,

Beoplay P2 Bluetooth Speaker by Bang and Olufsen, $169,

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Roll 2 Speaker by Ultimate Ears, $85,

Leave your decorating inhibitions behind before entering the chill zone; this is a place where lava lamps and string lights are always a good idea. Also a good idea: setting up a Nanoleaf sconce—you can control the colors of the LED lights from your phone.

Gold Glitter Lava Lamp, $30,

Gem Battery Powered String Lights, $14,

Aurora LED Sconce by Nanoleaf, $60 to $200,

Now that you have the essentials covered, it's time to make your nook extra chill. Decorate the walls, brighten up the floor pillows with a knit throw, and organize your reading materials in a cute metallic caddy.

Tassel Garland, $130,

Roswell Throw, $149,

Folded Vessel by Good Thing, $250,

Project rainbows onto your chill zone with a window prism, brighten up your space with a hanging plant, or dim the lights, lean back on your floor pillows, and do some indoor stargazing with a constellation projector.

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker with Swarovski Crystal, $38,

Colorblock Rope Plant Hanger by Cold Picnic, $75,

Homestar Planetarium by Sega, $150,

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