Want to Feel Very, Very Calm?

Get that weight off your shoulders with the help of one very heavy blanket.

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If your ideal state is being nestled in a grotto, swaddled in a huge mass of cozy covers, then there's a new blanket designed just for you. The Gravity Blanket weighs 25 pounds—no, that is not a typo—and will hug you to sleep every night.

Let science do all the work for you.
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Scientifically engineered, the Gravity Blanket gives the sensation of being held, which relaxes the nervous system, increases serotonin and melatonin levels, and decreases cortisol levels—which, simply put, helps you swiftly fall into a happy slumber. When you can tuck yourself into bed with a tech-backed blanket and get the rest you need without any sleep aids, the sheer absurdity of using a weighted cover seems worth it.

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The Gravity Blanket is a simple addition to your room that can ease your nighttime anxiety and make any bed feel like a cozy sleep cave—and isn't that the most that anyone could want?

Turns out, a heavy blanket is a real mood lifter.

Feel like upgrading your room? Visit gravityblankets.com to learn more.

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