Ever Get Room Envy? Here's How to Deal.

What do you do when you fall in love with someone's home... on social media?

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Several times a week I stop dead in my tracks, gawk at my phone, and furiously begin scheming how to redecorate my apartment. The trigger? An Instagram account I started following about a year ago that gives me the deepest home decor envy. The account is that of Emily Katz, an artist based in Portland, Oregon, and her feed is chock-full of stunning pictures of her beautiful apartment.

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Huge logs of driftwood hang from the ceiling, while an eclectic assortment of succulents and houseplants peek out from behind wooden furniture. Patterned textiles in washed-out hues cover the floors and pillows, and Emily Katz's own macrame masterpieces can be spotted on the walls throughout her home. Natural light floods in and spotlights a massive watercolor painting that covers an entire wall, top to bottom. Safe to say, I would very much like to live here.

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So what do you do when you see a stranger's house on social media that feels closer to your soul's aesthetic than your own home? You start copying. You pick apart what makes up its core identity, and you track down those very items—or at least ones that look a whole lot like them.

'Remember—there's nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from someone else's feed.'

Can't find the exact ceramic vase you spy on the coffee table? Find a similar one at a flea market. On a recent family trip to Morocco I had one thing on my souvenir wishlist: a pink rug. It was my first big step towards introducing Katz's rich, fabulous textiles into my own space.

I've since grown my plant collection to rival Katz's, and will continue to be on the lookout for cheap driftwood and ceiling-to-floor canvases on which to paint my own murals. Remember—there's nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration from someone else's feed, especially if you find a way to give it your own twist. Now all I need is a few guitars, a dog, and a way to make this all sound a lot less creepy. (P.S. Hi Emily, if you're reading this, I love you.)

My own humble attempt. Hey, it's a work in progress.
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5 Ways to Bring Emily Katz's Style Home

Item No. 1: The Whimsical Wall Hanging

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Like an Arrow Wall Hanging, $196, modernmacrame.com.

Item No. 2: The Overgrown Succulent

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Potted Artificial Prickly Pear Cactus, $90, cb2.com.

Item No. 3: The Vibrant Throw Pillow

Orange Floor Pillow by Decolic Kilim Pillows, $12, etsy.com.

Item No. 4: The Shaggy, Pink Moroccan-Inspired Rug

Develi Rug in Rubi, $58, luluandgeorgia.com.

Item No. 5: The Decorative Driftwood

Decorative Natural California Driftwood Branch, $20, allmodern.com.

For more home decor inspiration, follow Emily Katz at @emily_katz.

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