8 Airbnb Rentals to Screenshot ASAP

Check out the best rentals to stalk for some serious interior design inspo—no bookings required.

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Airbnb No. 1: "Secluded Intown Treehouse"

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The City: Atlanta, Georgia

The Rate: $375/night

The Takeaway: Yes, this is an Airbnb. Create a treehouse effect of your own with a half dozen plants—and a string or two of fairy lights.

Airbnb No. 2: "The Cozy Palace"

The City: Marrakesh, Morocco

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The Rate: $105/night

The Takeaway: There are no rules when it comes to mixing patterns and colors, so go crazy. Whether it's tiling or bedding or carpets—if you love high-energy decor, the more places your eye has to wander, the better.

Airbnb No. 3: "Amazing House in High Marais"

The City: Paris, France

The Rate: $213/night

The Takeaway: Embrace your mess! Just because a space feels "cluttered" doesn't mean it can't also be cozy at the same time. As long as the floor is kept clear and there are moments of zen—like magazine and books stacked neatly—it will feel purposeful and therefore comfortable.

Airbnb No. 4: "The Joshua Tree House"

The City: Joshua Tree, California

The Rate: $250/night

The Takeaway: Bring in an element of surprise with a matching pair of hanging chairs. The symmetrical seats will simultaneously fill up unused space while providing a unique focal point.

Airbnb No. 5: "Romantic Suite in Family Home"

The City: Valparaiso, Chile

The Rate: $62/night

The Takeaway: Have a favorite color? Don't be afraid to go bold. A unifying theme can help tie together an eclectic grouping of furniture.

Airbnb No. 6: "Secluded Intown Treehouse"

The City: Tokyo, Japan

The Rate: $139/night

The Takeaway: Never underestimate the power of Japanese washi tape and dried flowers.

Airbnb No. 7: "Studio in Historical Center"

The City: Minsk, Belarus

The Rate: $40/night

The Takeaway: Color-code your books as a way to use objects you already have lying around (old textbooks, anyone?) as a design element—plus, your guests will be impressed by how well read you are.

Airbnb No. 8: "Magical Abbey Now a Beautiful Country House"

The City: Suffolk, United Kingdom

The Rate: $790/night

The Takeaway: Live in a Cathedral. Just kidding. But like...what?

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