Beautiful Rugs With Beautiful Backstories

These Argentine rugs come with a colorful history and a handmade touch—and who doesn't want more of that in their life?

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Two Argentine Pampa weavers.
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When photographers Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson travel around Argentina, they aren't just in search of scenic landscapes to photograph (although they do that, too): they're looking for rugs. Traditional, handwoven rugs, to be exact. After connecting over a shared love of travel and art, the couple—made up of one Argentinian (Aguirre), and one Australian (Wilson)— founded Pampa, a textile company that sources handwoven goods directly from indigenous weavers whom the two meet while exploring some of the most remote areas of Argentina.

A Pampa weaver preparing the wool.
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An artisan hand-weaving a rug on a traditional loom.

Each rug is 100% unique and made with hand-spun llama and sheep's wool using wooden looms. Using these traditional materials, designs, and techniques, Argentine artisans can spend up to six weeks making a single textile! Along with rugs, cushions, and throws, the Australia-based duo also sell prints of their stunning photography taken while travelling the vast South American hinterland. A few moments on their website will you tell a visual story of the people who make the rugs, the communities they belong to, and the breathtaking land in which the rugs are so deeply rooted—with a few llamas thrown in here and there.

Pampa founders Carl Wilson and Victoria Aguirre.

"Pampa is the word used in Latin America to describe the open plains," Wilson has said, "lands that lay uninterrupted to the horizon. It is hard not to feel a sense of freedom when being surrounded by such a vastness. A feeling that there is always going to be something amazing over the horizon—or maybe right under your feet." So if you ever find yourself standing over an ethically-woven and fair-traded Pampa rug (and we hope that you do), you'll have a pretty good idea of the lengths it went to get there. 

One of Pampa's rugs, which range from $890 to $2,890.
Hello, goats!

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