Tangle-Free Earbuds Are Here to Save Your Life

Or at least reduce your anger levels. Never spend forever untying knots in your headphones again!

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There is nothing more frustrating than reaching into your bag to pull out your headphones, only to find that they're a hopelessly knotted mess—and that always seems to happen whenever there's a very specific song stuck in your head that you need to hear right this second. Instead of soothing your mental agony, you have to juggle your phone, keys, and water bottle as you pick the wires apart and try to make sense of the jumbled clump.

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The solution to a twisted jumble: Pro Mic, $35, zipbuds.com.

Now release the tension in your shoulders and take a deep breath because those days are over! A San Diego-based company took one of the most ubiquitous fasteners in the world—you're probably wearing one now—and solved the problem earbuds have had since the day they were invented. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you: the zipper.

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Pro Mic Earbuds in Glow are perfect for those early morning/late night runs.

Zipbuds, founded in 2007, has taken the timeless technology of the zipper and applied it to their sweat- and water-resistant headphones. The concept is simple: Once you've stopped listening to your Summer 2016 playlist, just zip up the cords so they form a perfect union, and stow them away, without a worry in your mind. They've also created Slide, earbuds that use a zero-friction slider they call a "zipperless zipper" for a similar concept. The cherry on top? All Zipbuds are guaranteed for life, so you'll never have to untie another knot again—in your earbuds, at least. Sadly, they won't be able to help you with your shoelaces.

Zip 'em up and off you go!

Slide Sport, $56, zipbuds.com. See more headphones at zipbuds.com.

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