7 Simple Steps to the Best Night In

Parties, bars, and the great outdoors can be vastly overrated—sometimes, you just need to reel it in and chill.

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Remember the glory days of youth, when every party was a slumber party? Same. Why should adulthood stop us from enjoying the pajama-laden parties of yore? It shouldn't! (OK, fine, it wasn't really that long ago that we had a sleepover, but we are feeling wistful, so bear with us.)

Below, we're giving you the tools you need to have your best friday night in—blanket forts, popcorn toppings, prank calls, and all! Just follow these simple steps.

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Step 1: Put On Your Best Loungewear

This is essential. No one wants to watch movies and eat ice cream in anything other than cozy clothes. Trust us, stiff jeans and Mean Girls does not a match make!

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Step 2: Build a Blanket Fort

Your blanket fort can go in a few directions. It can either turn your living room into the Pinterest-approved movie theater of your dreams, beautiful enough to put up on Airbnb as its own living space, or, it can be a cozy lair, made specifically for card games and ghost stories. Regardless, here's what you'll need: blankets, pillows, couch cushions, chairs, brooms or sticks, clothespins or safety pins, flashlights, and, of course, snacks.

Step 3: Curate a Killer Movie, Popcorn, Drink Combo

Let's start with what's new on Netflix. We've got Back to the Future 1, 2, and 3. We've got Mean Girls. We've got Hey Arnold! The Movie. If you're watching the Back to the Future trilogy, consider making three separate popcorns that transition from salty to sweet, then make cocktails that transition in the opposite direction. If you're watching Mean Girls, you and a friend should make your own separate popcorn in the same room and then try to sabotage each other's bowls while the other isn't looking. For Hey Arnold! You should go straight for what we refer to as "babysitter snacks"—in this case, that's a bowl of traditional popcorn with M&M's and pretzels tossed in.

That time Arnold convinced Stoop Kid to leave his stoop.
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Step 4: Concoct the Ultimate Ice-Cream Sundae

When creating the ultimate Ice-Cream Sundae at home, we find it's easiest to model it off of your favorite sundae that you've had at a restaurant. In our case, we go nuts for the Holy Cow Sundae, which is served at the Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn. Their sundae (which, for the record, they spell "Sunday") is a simple one, executed perfectly. Pillowy vanilla ice cream and hot, thick, chocolatey fudge topped with a chocolate cow. It always delivers.

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Step 5: Create Your Own Card Game

There are lots of amazing games that exist already. Twister? Fantastic. Cards Against Humanity? Endless entertainment. Heads Up? Never gets old. But what if you could combine the three! Take all the best elements of your favorite cards games, smush them together, and give it all a twist.

Here's our take:

1. Pick a card from the Cards Against Humanity deck and put it on your forehead but don't look at it.

2. Everyone else will have to give you words that go with the phrase.

3. When you guess what the phrase is, you pick someone from the group to tell you where on the twister board you have to go.

4. Keep playing, eventually everyone will be on the Twister board. Even when everyone is on the board, keep playing!

5. The winner is the last to fall.

You're never going to be bored again.

Step 6: Try an Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask

Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask by Belif, $8, sephora.com.

On a night in, you should always carve out a little time for a sheet mask. Belif's new Aqua Bomb mask is made with the brand's cult-favorite formula that includes antioxidants and oat husks to intensely moisturize, soothe, and revitalize skin. The coolest part, though, is opening up the mask, which becomes a little game itself—you should fold, squeeze, and massage the package to make sure all of the nutrients make it onto your precious face.

Step 7: Make Prank Calls Cool Again

Prank calls are a longtime tradition of people who have nothing better to do. But in this age of phone numbers popping up on our cell phone screens, it seems that this worthwhile artform is in danger of dying out. You can stop this! If you need any inspiration, please visit the following websites for inspiration: longmontpotioncastle.com (for bizzarre calls with voice distortion), whatsthevibelike.tumblr.com (for a guy who calls bars and restaurants asking one simple question: "What's the vibe like?"), or go to soundboardarchive.com to use the voices of dudes like Will Ferrell and Jeff Goldblum as your vessel.

Just remember: No bullying. Keep it light!

#TGIF :)

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