This Designer Makes Translucent Furniture

Get to know the glow collection.

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Thanks to Kim Markel, we're rethinking our entire home design scheme. The Hudson Valley-based artist's playful designs—think Candy Land meets Pee-wee's Playhouse—were a standout at March's Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. And they're not just beautiful, they're helping to save the planet: Markel makes her translucent furniture and everyday household objects using recycled plastic from soda bottles, lunch trays, and even sunglasses.

Candy, ice pops, or home decor?
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"I knew that if I wanted to make things, I had to find a way to make them out of existing material," says Markel. "I started experimenting with plastics because I liked the qualities they had: color, translucence, and light." After testing her concept by pulverizing soda bottles in a coffee grinder (before graduating to an industrial-sized one), Markel used the pieces to create her most recent collection, "Glow."

A whimsical cafe table situation.

The rather laborious process of finishing the pieces—"so much sanding!"—revives the materials' luminescent quality. And while whimsical, the resin-bonded collection is also sturdy and practical.

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Check out more of Markel's designs below!

Lollipop Hand Mirrors, $120,

Glow Vase, $260,

Glow tabletops will soon hit the market, too.

Glow Chair, $1,900,

Glow Mirror, $360,

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