Spiky Little Sculptures

When you cut one cactus and attach it to another, the two grow as one—it's a practice known as grafting, and it blows our minds, too. See some of the most beautifully grafted cacti around, and then learn how to make your own!

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Cacti and ceramic pots have had a long, beautiful friendship. But with the release of a new book called Grafted: Plants by Kohei Oda | Pots by Adam Silverman, the plant is finally getting its chance to shine as an artistic medium in its own right. Yes, the cactus itself has become an artistic medium via the introduction of grafting, a process by which two cacti are merged together to yield an entirely new creation.

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Take a look at these quietly stunning photographs from the book, and then keep reading to learn how to graft some cacti for yourself!

Who knew it was possible for cacti to look this funky?
Gang's all here!
How is this gorgeous horizontal design physically possible? We'll try not to overthink it.
Yeah, we could see this cactus-ceramic combination looking pretty good in our homes.
Before this book, we didn't know it was possible for cacti to look celebratory. But these creations are ready to party, no?
There's something so satisfying about seeing these beautiful sculptures in such worthy surroundings.

And now, here's how to make your own cac-sterpieces!

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What You'll Need

Thick rubber gloves

Two or more cacti

A sharp knife

Rubber bands

How to Graft Cacti

Step 1: Admire the beautiful cacti you've selected for your project.

Step 2: Cut the first cactus to the height you want it before the addition of the second cactus.

Step 3: Cut off the portion of the second cactus that you want to add to the top of the first. Make sure the cut edges of the pieces that are being grafted are both flat, and will lay flush together when stacked.

Step 4: Fix the top of the second cactus to the decapitated first cactus with a rubber band.

All that's left now is to wait about two weeks before removing the rubber band, and your two cacti will officially be one!

Now that you know the basics, try getting fancy with some ambitiously grafted cacti like co-author Kohei Oda! And if you really feel like going the extra mile, grab some clay and make your own pots, Adam Silverman-style.

Grafted: Plants by Kohei Oda | Pots by Adam Silverman is available for $50 on amazon.com.

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