Hey, London, You Up?

With the simple turn of a clock, you can have the whole world at your fingertips. Here's the sleek timepiece that will have you feeling like a seasoned globe-trotter.

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Anyone who has studied abroad or has friends and family living on another continent knows that time zones can be tricky when it comes to keeping in touch. Pop quiz: Is it morning or night in Delhi right now? If I call my friend in Belgium, will I wake her up? Is my former classmate now living in Johannesburg sitting down for lunch or dinner? See, it can be a confusing concept. But coordinating FaceTime catch-ups and Skype sessions just got a little easier with Elevenplus's World Clock.

Concrete evidence that it is, in fact, 5 o'clock somewhere.
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Considering it can display all 24 time zones, the World Clock is surprisingly compact and easy to use. Around the clock face are names of major cities. After setting the local time, roll the cylindrical clock so that the city whose time zone you're interested in is at the top. The time shown on the clock will then reflect that specific time zone. Simply let the clock roll back to its starting position to display the local time again. And with three sophisticated colors options, World Clock is a handsome addition to your nightstand.

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World Clock doesn't require you to do literally any math. Thank you, World Clock.

World Clock, $32, elevenpl.us.

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