15 Beautiful Ways to Refresh Your Room

It's time to show those bare walls some love. But before you start a home makeover, remember: there are plenty of stellar alternatives to framed art when it comes to decorating. Try one of these gorgeous wall hangings, from the intricately woven tapestries to the big, bold printed pieces.

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Woven Wonders

When it comes to scoring one-of-a-kind pieces, Etsy never disappoints. Case in point: the niche community of weavers specializing in stunning hand-woven wall creations. Here, find a handful that've gone to the top of our wish list. (Bonus: custom ordering is encouraged!)

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Graphic Statements

To create these bold tapestries, graphic artists treat the large swaths of fabric as their blank canvas. If you've ever wanted your own personal mural, right in the center of your living room, this is your chance.

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Crafty Wall Hangings

These pieces are a mixed bag of crafting techniques. You'll find hand-shaped ceramic and brass hardware, hand-painted textiles, and even layered woodwork.

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