Match Your Mouse Pad to Your Style

You've decorated your work space to make it the ultimate reflection of your aesthetic, down to the perfect paper clips, pushpins, and staples. But what about your mouse pad? Let your cursor glide with ease and give your wrist some welcome padding with these colorful and dynamic designs.

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For Animal Lovers

Study time often means solitary confinement, so add a little friendly (or not so friendly…) face into the mix to keep you company and hold you accountable for those looming deadlines.

For Multitaskers

Mouse pads claim quite a bit of prime real estate, so make the most of it with one that doubles as a notepad—so you can seamlessly jot down ideas while you're catching up on emails.

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For Virtual Gardeners

We already know that houseplants increase happiness and productivity—but not everyone has the time (or skills) necessary to keep them alive. Compromise by adding the next best thing: illustrated greenery.

For Design Enthusiasts

Take a "blank walls are criminal" approach by making sure every surface of your space is covered in some form of design. Whether you're into textiles, pop art, or famous airport carpets, these pads should have you covered.

For Soft-Hued Color Lovers

Keep things light and cheerful with the calming palette of delicate pastels.

For Stylish Sophisticates

Streamline your desk with marble and metallic accents for a classy, elevated approach—your office mates will be impressed.

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