15 Stylish Ways to Declutter Your Desk

This will be fuuuuun.

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Ceramic and Concrete Contraptions

Chances are, no one else in the office is rocking porcelain at their desk. Ensure your office space makes a statement with one of these striking pieces.

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Concrete Box by Concrete Cat, $95, comingsoonnyc.squarespace.com.

The Warehouse Porcelain Desk Organizer by Seletti, $73, designer-rug.com.

Headlands, $80, alicetacheny.com.

Golden Gadgets

If you're looking to add some glitz to an otherwise drab desk, these designs have your name all over them. Remember, a little gold goes a long way.
Cog Desk Tidy by Tom Dixon, $287, us.amara.com.

Precious Componibili, Round 3-Unit by Kartell, $390, camodernhome.com.

Wooden Works

Investing in solid, wooden desk organizers shows that you're trying to spice things up, but you're also super-practical—and there's nothing wrong with that.

Wood Desktop Organizer by Less & More, $189, etsy.com.
Balance Box by Philippe Malouin, $60, umbrashift.com.
Valet Stand by Woodwarmth, $64+, custommade.com.
Input Organizer by Anne Holm & Sigrid Smetana, $218, hauslondon.com.
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Mixed Materials

Why deck out your desk all in one material? These organizers fuse complementary materials to create the ultimate decluttering designs.

W+W Organizer by Oliver Franz, $49, gnr8.biz.
Niu Desk Set, $16, radandhungry.com.
Blue Desk Tidy, $27, blockdesign.co.uk.
Uten.Silo by Vitra, $405, yliving.com.
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