A Bicycle Built Just for You!

With bells and whistles (in some cases, literally) that will help you cycle in style.

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Carry It All

When your bike comes equipped with a basket or bag just waiting to be filled with picnic supplies, beach gear, or even just a few good books, it makes it all the more tempting to pack up and go. A perfect day is just a bike ride away.

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Bells Are Ringing

Not only are bicycle bells an important safety feature, helping to alert cars and pedestrians of your presence, they also make a charming accessory. Fun and functional!

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Protect Yourself

You know you should wear a helmet when riding a bike—so why not choose one that's stylish enough to make the helmet hair worth it?

Tech It Up a Notch

With the right electronic accessories, your cycling sessions can be safer and more satisfying. Choose a bike light that will brighten your path while you play some tunes on your phone speaker.

Go the Extra Mile

If your bicycle is your vehicle of choice, then it should accurately express your personality—and that very well might mean adding a succulent garden to your frame.

From: Seventeen
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