Stash Your Junk, Win Style Points

"Organizing" often translates to "out of sight, out of mind." But if you spring for cool storage boxes, they can actually become part of what makes your space awesome.

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Woven Wonders

Need a home for your favorite hoodie? Your off-season scarf? The sweatpants you change into as soon as you get home? A basket is the perfect solution. Choose one with a lid if you want to create an illusion of utmost tidiness.

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Bold Moves

So, you can't bring yourself to throw away all those old movie tickets you've collected. That's OK—those tickets from when you saw The Lego Movie multiple times in theaters are safely hidden in a box that looks like a Lego. Storage boxes that look cool have to contain cool things, right? Right.

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Minimalist Muse

When your storage solutions present a clean, contemporary facade, no one can guess what chaos may lie inside them. Take a deep breath in and out. Everything is calm now.

Pattern Play

Forget polka dots or stripes—for some real eye candy, go for unconventional patterns that will distract you from the fact that inside one of these boxes lie 17 old receipts and a lone sock.

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