These Thumb Drives Get Two Thumbs Up

Store your files in something stylish and you'll never misplace your USB again. Because when flash drives are this remarkable, you won't let them out of your sight.

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The Colorful and Quirky Drives

Pick a flash drive that makes a statement—whether it's a pop of color on your desk or a retro throwback to the earlier days of tech.

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The High-Design Drives

Not all flash drives are created equal—these are so beautiful, they can be handbag accessories or coffee table centerpieces.

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The Naturally Rustic Drives

Bring a natural touch to your tech with USBs made of wood, in the shape of stones, or stored within a tiny glass bottle.

The USBling Drives

As they say: Keep your friends close, and your data files closer. With thumb drives you can wear as a fashion statement, you'll always know exactly where that first draft of your 500-page novel is: safe and sound around your neck.

The Multi-Tasking Drives

Why use a flash drive that can only do one thing? Pick a stick that comes with a full Swiss Army knife, clips on to IRL files, or doubles as a notepad—and say goodbye to the one-trick USBs of the past.

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