7 Ways to Get Your Room Fragrance Fix

For those harrowing situations in which your favorite candle is not an option.

If you love candles as much as we do, the idea of a diffuser or room spray can be perplexing. Why would you ever need anything other than a candle to make your house smell good? Candles are wonderful! They're calming, beautiful, and they diffuse scent perfectly. However! They can also burn down houses (or, at the very least, singe walls) if you leave them unattended. Houseplants, too, are not safe. Fortunately, there are flame-free ways of making your life smell nice that also look fantastic. We're not advising to give up candles forever (and we never will), but we are asking for a little consideration for room fragrance beyond the burn. To start you off, here are seven of the most transportative and exquisite scents for various emotions. No matches required.

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Stressed Out?

Need a moment of pause in your life? Then you also need this diffuser (and perhaps a vacation?). Place this one, scented with calming lavender and cedar leaf, atop your armoire (or, let's be honest, probably just on a table), and set the stage for a relaxing evening full of decompression—and, perhaps, The Great British Baking Show and ice cream.

Cedar Leaf and Lavender Reed Diffuser by Nest Fragrances, $42, nestfragrances.com.
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Dreaming of Faraway Places?

What exotic locale does this ornately carved terracotta sphere (actually handcrafted in France) hail from? No one needs to know that this diffuser is not a souvenir from a trip to a faraway land but, in fact, probably something you ordered on the internet. And they probably won't care about its origins when they realize it's the reason your room smells like an evening hanging out on some tropical boulevard somewhere. That's thanks to crystals within, infused with patchouli, vanilla, amber, and incense; as they react to the warmth and humidity of your room, delicious scents gently waft through the perforations giving you more time to muddle the mint for the mojitos.

The Amber Ball by L'Artisan Parfumeur, $140, net-a-porter.com.
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Craving a Sea Breeze?

Tom Dixon knows his shapes, and has a knack for turning out silhouettes that feel immediately familiar, even when they're anything but. This is the coolest-looking diffuser on this list, on account not just of that ocean-blue glass container but because, in place of the usual sticks, there is just one thick piece of charcoal resting, almost insolently, in the jar. But the best part is actually the scent itself, which smells exactly like the seaside. We may need to order a couple of these for the office, along with a few truckloads of super-fine white sand.

Scent Water Diffuser by Tom Dixon, $115, tomdixon.net.
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Have a Living Situation That Leaves a Little to be Desired?

This diffuser comes out of the gate with lofty goals. Or, more specifically, with penthouse-y goals. Yes, in a stroke of very aspirational marketing, this box bears the words "champagne" and "penthouse," which is all well and good, but the hand-blown glass bottle (which we will be keeping around long after the scent has dissipated forever) is what makes this such a compelling choice.

Champagne / Penthouse Diffuser by Lafco, $115, lafco.com.

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Hearts in Your Eyes?

Jo Malone knows scents like Pope Francis knows the Old Testament and this room spray eschews fancy combinations (we aren't sure what kumquat and persimmon would smell like, and we don't care) for something everyone can relate to: red roses. Yes, this is the botanical symbol of love eternal, bottled. Every spritz is like a fresh bouquet, so go crazy, fill your house with red roses—even invisible ones are delightful.

Red Roses Scent Surround Room Spray by Jo Malone, $60, jomalone.com.
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Harboring Secret Wishes to Give It All Up to Have a Garden?

One of the tentpoles of the entire Diptyque brand, the Figuier (that's "fig" in English, translation fans) fragrance is famous for a reason: it's unique. It's not some amalgam of fig scents—those came later, to replicate this—it's a true original, instantly recognizable and instantly wonderful. It's a secret garden made of wax, then surrounded by a white ceramic case that can be hung on door handles, in closets (on door handles in closets?), or even from a little picture hook you hang expressly for that purpose. We would say it's the next best thing to having a fig tree in the corner but, actually, it's better.

Figuier Scented Oval by Diptyque, $45, diptyqueparis.com.
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Looking for Adulthood in a Bottle?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Aesop's packaging, which borrows from vintage drugstore bottles, is a masterclass in understated elegance. It's unisex, refined, and prefers to use inside voice, rather than shout. Not surprisingly, this room spray ticks those same boxes: notes of bergamot, geranium, and cedar make for a lovely, liminal scent, both refreshing and seductive. One for the bedroom, perhaps.

Composure Aromatique Room Spray by Aesop, $25, barneys.com.
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