Shake Up Your Wake-Up Routine

All it takes is one little device to make your mornings a lot more fun.

Maybe you're just naturally a morning person who doesn't need any help with your wake-up routine. Well, good for you! But for those of us who need an added boost to lift our heads off the pillow each day, there are myriad alternatives to the average, humdrum alarm clock.

Here, our favorite 21st-century ways to wake up. Getting out of bed might be a drag—but at least it will never be boring again.

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For the Multi-Tasker

This clock comes with a customizable, 4-dial dashboard that lets you know everything that's brewing so you don't have to look at your phone. In addition to telling the time, this one helps you track your emails, the weather, traffic, and social media activity. Always good to be as well-informed as possible first thing, we find.

Nimbus Alarm Clock by Quirky, $100,
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For the Aesthete

When I wake up, it takes me a little longer than normal to process information—which makes this the perfect clock for easing into the day. The Blub Uno tells you the time one beautiful digit at a time, so you can bask in its beautiful glow as you slowly but surely figure out just how late you are.

Blub Uno, $389,
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For the Outdoorsy-Type

For those who don't have access to beautiful natural light in their bedroom, but still want to heed their Circadian rhythm and wake up with the graceful, gradual rising of the sun, this is the clock for you. The Wake-up Light simulates the sunrise, gradually growing brighter and brighter over the course of 30 minutes until your whole room is bathed in light.

Wake-up Light, $90,
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For the Gamer

If you're craving a little bit of gamesmanship in the morning, the Clocky is the wake-up device for you. At the designated time of your choosing, this alarm clock will go off just like any other—but all bets are off once you try to hit the snooze button, because by the time you reach over to show this clock who's boss, it's already jumped off of your nightstand and gone sprinting across the floor. Once you've chased it down, you'll already be down the hall and wide awake.

Clocky, $40,
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For the Night Owl

With bluetooth connectivity and a lighting display that flashes in sync with your tunes, this is the best way to make it feel like you're still out on the town when you wake up the next morning. It's the best way for you night owls out there to execute a smooth transition back into the daylight.

A La Magic Lamp, $50,
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For the Apple Obsessive

If you love your Apple toys, this is the clock for you. It lets you charge three of them simultaneously, and allows you access to any special morning playlists you've created, and offers more customizable sound than your average alarm clock—and with its gradual sleep and gradual wake features, it both eases you into bed at night and gently wakes you up come morning.

iD99 by iHome, $155,
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For Those in Need of Inspiration

This alarm presents a unique challenge when it comes to the urge to hit snooze: it's a rug, and you have to stand on it for three seconds in order to quiet it down. Once you've done so, the Ruggie rewards you with an audio clip of your choosing—we're thinking a monologue from your favorite film should do the trick.

Ruggie, $79,
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For the Quietly Considerate

In addition to its function as a fitness tracker, Jawbone's UP2 is equipped to vibrate on your wrist at the most opportune moment of your sleep cycle, waking you up silently and smoothly. And should you not be alone, your companion will be able to continue slumbering while you go about getting ready for the day.

UP2, $100,
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For Those in Need of a Bigger Picture

It can be far too easy to ignore your alarm clock sometimes, which is why one with a built-in projector can come in handy. Seeing the time writ large on your ceiling in bright light is one way to make it impossible to avoid the fact that you need to get your day started. Throw in a USB charger for keeping your mobile device charged up, and you've got a small, powerful wake-up aid.

Dual-Alarm Clock Radio by Sony, $60,
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For the Coffee Lover

So you're someone who doesn't feel awake until you've had your first coffee of the day? Well, maybe it's time for you to get an alarm clock that makes it for you. Not only does the Barisieur brew your morning cup, it also charges your phone and keeps your milk cool. Prepare to wake up to the sweet, comforting smell of your daily dose of caffeine.

The Barisieur, $336,
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