Koozies Are Good

Ice cold! Which can be the temperature of your drinks all summer long if you're smart and put a koozie on it. Or a drink cooler. Or a can sleeve—whichever term you prefer.

If you own a koozie already, it's highly likely that it came pre-attached to a can at a festival or a carnival or a party—meaning you had no part in the decision-making process behind the choice of color, design, message, or material. This summer, take your koozies into your own hands by finding one that fits your vibe. Feeling beachy? Put a mermaid on it. Feeling sassy? Send the world a message. Feeling sustainable? Get one made out of wood. But most importantly: Feeling hot? Get one that keeps your drink cool.

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Wear your heart on your sleeve. (See what we did there?)

Herbie the Happy Heart, $8, staybyroom.com.

Say it with me now.

I Am Fun, $5, bando.com.
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For those unfamiliar with the beverage.

Barley & Water & Hops & Yeast, $10, kegworks.com.

Knit flamingos—not a combination you see very often.

Burton Knit Koozie in Flamingo, $10, burton.com.
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Adorn your bottle with some of your favorite paintings: Degas! Cézanne! Renoir! You name it.

The Peppermint Bottle No. 1 - Paul Cézanne Can Cooler by ArtParisienne, $7, zazzle.com.

If we're going into mason jar territory, we're going to need a bigger—and trendier—koozie.

Leather Mason Jar Mug Sleeve, $40, food52.com.
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Decorate your can with a boozy take on the lyrics of Frank Ocean.

Drinking About You Drink Sleeve, $5, gearfromlastnight.com

For the outdoorsy type, leave the multicolored neoprene behind for some real wood koozies (dubbed "woodzies").

Real Wood Woodzie for Cans, $14, prinktech.com.
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You heard the koozie.

Good Vibes Only Insulated Can Koozie, $6, girlfriendgalas.com.

For some serious cool, try the Corkcicle's coolers. The Arctican keeps cans cold for up to three hours by freezing the base.

Corkcicle Arctican Can Cooler, $20, corkcicle.com.
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