Shower Upgrades for a Future-Spa Experience

While not exactly thrilling, the need to shower is a fact of life. But what if we told you that these 10 techy showerheads—some of which feature multiple jets, mood lighting, and even aromatherapy—could totally transform the experience? Read on to find out why you may suddenly want to start showering multiple times daily.

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The Masseuse

While most people have showerheads, a shower set will project you into a whole different bathing dimension. The multifaceted system by Juno Showers does more than just wash you off with a rain-inspired showerhead. It also includes wall-mounted jets that massage your body from six different angles. Another nice bonus? The anti-scold mechanism that prevents the initial shocking blast of piping-hot water.

Saint-Étienne Chrome Thermostatic Shower System Set, $849,
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The Water Saver

Nebia's primary goal is to reduce water waste. The circular device includes different notches in the head that spray water that looks like mist and feels soft against skin. The small beads of H2O allow Nebia to use 70 percent less water while the deliberately placed dispensers target the front, back, and sides of your body so you catch more liquid than the drain does.

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The Shower Singer


Remember shower radios? Now you can have an upgraded version that fits right into the center of a showerhead. The Moxie plays tunes via Bluetooth, which means you can sing along to any playlist during your shower. It's rechargeable and, of course, waterproof.

Moxie, $299,
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The Hair Helper

Sometimes you just want to shower without getting your hair wet. This head allows you to do so with its curved design, which lets water easily stream around your head to hit below the shoulders. You can also adjust the Doosh's height to ensure you get clean without soaking your strands.

Doosh Showerhead, $33,
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The Bath-Time Therapist

If you feel groggy in the morning, or if you need to wind down from a stressful day, a shower infused with essential oils is going to make you feel so much better. By way of a diffuser that clips to the showerhead's neck, fragrant and stress-easing oils such as lavender, cedarwood, and patchouli will steam up around you to create a sauna-like wonderland that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars.

Aromatherapy Shower Kit, $45,
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The Bender

Hand showers are usually prone to getting tangled up, but Moen promises that this won't happen with the Banbury head, as the cord is encased in knot-proof metal. You can enjoy different settings, such as high-pressured jets and soft streams, and the nickel finish won't spot or rust.

Banbury Five-Function Handshower Showerhead, $318,
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The Waterfall Chaser

Let bath time imitate nature at its best. The Puzzle showerhead combines both rain and waterfall sensations for a pleasurable experience that can best be enjoyed while you close your eyes and pretend you're showering underneath the real deal.

Puzzle Stainless Steel Showerhead With Waterfall, contact for pricing,
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The Vitamin Boost

Get a fresh blast of vitamin C with a showerhead that tends to your health more than any other. The streams of water push out negative ions that help you breathe better, feel less stress, and keep your body's blood flowing. Another perk is that the head filters out chlorine (like your drinking water pitcher!), so your skin and hair doesn't suffer from chemical buildup.

Opus Wall-Mounted Vitamin C Showerhead, $85,
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The Suncatcher

Take shower matters outdoors with a solar-powered head that warms water with the sun's help. Although it comes with a base, the head easily attaches to just about any surface. Green technology, FTW!

Solar Shower, $200,
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The Brightener

A shower that automatically sheds a calming shade of blue light in your bathroom? Why not? The head is coated in "oil-rubbed bronze" (that just means it looks super-sleek and cool) and you can steer the mood by increasing or decreasing water pressure, which syncs with the lighting to make it brighter or dimmer. You will feel as if you're caught in a rainstorm you can actually enjoy.

Square Ceiling Mount LED Rain Showerhead, $925,
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