How to Keep Your Battery Alive

Whether you're in the middle of using your maps app to navigate an unknown city or just about to snap something epic, your phone always seems to die at the most inopportune moment. We've been there. But with the right external charger, it doesn't have to be that way.

It's a universally acknowledged truth that if you have a bunch of apps and a penchant for using them all day, you're quickly going to get familiar with the sad process of nursing a low battery. Enter the portable phone charger: a small device that can slip into your bag and provide a full charge even when no outlets are in sight. Crisis averted.

Here, some of our favorite portable chargers on the market.

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Back Me Up! Mobile Charger, $18,

Charging your phone turns into an instant dance party when your battery pack looks like a disco ball.

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100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, $40,

Come on, phone chargers can't possibly get any more delightful than this juice box-inspired model.

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8000mAh Wood Power Bank, $60,

Fancy yourself an outdoorsy person? Be sure to bring this battery—with its handsome wooden enclosure—along on on your next hike.

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Gold Stud Mobile Charger by Rebecca Minkoff, $40,

A cool design equipped to provide four different models of iPhone with a full charge? Tell me about it, stud.

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Fry or Die External Battery by Wattz Up, $40,

No need to be salty about your phone losing its charge when you have this battery pack on hand.

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10400 mAh Danboard Flavors Power Plus Power Bank by Cheero, $80,

That cute, geometric face on this charger? That's Danboard, a Japanese cartoon character. Your love for him will only grow each time he helps you recharge your phone—which he can do five times with just one charge-up.

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Puku Light, $49,

Portable batteries don't have to take up a ton of space. The Puku Light slips easily into your pocket (or tiny purse), so you never have to stress about your extra baggage.

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Power Card Ultra Thin Charger by Triple C, $36,

Go ahead, embrace your inner Francophile—oui won't blame you.

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Boo!, $40,

With this guy on your side, you'll never be haunted by the prospect of a dead battery again.

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Eye Portable Charger, $20,

Keep your eyes on the prize—the prize, of course, being a full battery—with this handy, compact tool.

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