Find Your Perfect Match

They all start with a match. And when you light some this summer, make sure they're the most stylish ones out there. These ones are really lit...tle. Because all matches are little.

The time has come to clear out all the torn and tattered matchbooks you've been collecting from various hotels and restaurants over the years and finally own a proper pack of matches. Whether it's the sticks themselves that steal the show or the container you store them in is up to you—but when the birthday cake comes out and the candles need to be lit, you better be front and center with your snazzy new box of firestarters.

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Wave Matches, $9,

Black-and-white photos of the ocean always say "class and sophistication."

Odalisque Scented Matches by Cire Trudon, $16,

These scented matches come from the oldest candle-making brand in the world, so you know they'll smell delightful.

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Mohawk Match Strike, $42,

Matches with attitude.

Constellation Matches, $5,

Burn brighter than the stars with these constellation-encased matches.

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Machined Brass Match Striker by JFM, $130,

Not one for boxes? Try a less traditional, rounded match-holder with a textured exterior for the perfect strike.

Hot Hot Hot Matchbox, $10,

The cover says it all.

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Botanical Matchbox by Shandell's, $16,

This gorgeous, two-sided matchbox will look perfect next to the vase of flowers on your coffee table (note to self: buy vase of flowers).

Matches in Lemon Box by HomArt, $3,

If you opt for light, citrusy-smelling candles, you should have matches that fit the mood.

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Fireplace Matches in Black and Gold, $30,

Keep your flammable items where you can see them: in a glass jar.

Strike in Mint Green, $5,

For matchboxes in any shade of neon, head to Hay.

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