10 Grown-Up Beanbags You Need to Buy Now

We're bringing back our childhood-favorite stress-reliever with grown-up versions that don't smell like spilled grape juice.

Chairs and sofas are definitely fine, but why sit when you can sink? Nothing beats that swaddling-like feeling of slow submersion as the bean bag gradually engulfs you and the tiny fillings displace to accommodate your weight. Just a few more full-body shimmies and—ahh, there it is: The perfect mold to your body.

Back in the day, we loved a good bean bag (or a bad bean bag—any kind of bean bag), but as we grew up, we gradually left them behind. Not for adults! We thought. Well, we were wrong—there is a whole world of high-brow, sophisticated bean bags (yes, sophisticated bean bags) out there, a world away from our beloved fluffy, neon seats of old. So tidy up and clear some floor space, you've got some lounging to do.

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Art Series #2 Louella Evans Canvas Beanbag, $98, kipandco.net.au.

As part of their Art Series collection, Australian brand Kip & Co asks artists from around the world to design their own bean bag textiles (so each one counts as a work of art, basically).

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Nest Knitted Bean Bag, $682, zilalila.com.

This handmade bean bag is knitted with New Zealand's finest wool, making each Nest one of a kind and literally as soft as a lamb.

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Bean Bag in Marble by Typo, $60, cottonon.com.

By far the most wallet-friendly of the group (who knew bean bags were so pricey!), the Typo Bean Bag comes in three other equally cool cover designs, so you can collect them all!

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Marimekko Unikko Original Bean Bag by Fatboy, $329, opad.com.

Nothing brightens up a space quite like a classic Marimekko print, and this bean bag is bound to light up the darkest of dens.

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Kebnekaise Pouf, $201, finelittleday.com.

Named after the highest mountain in Sweden (6,909 feet tall!), this scaled-down knit version of Kebnekaise is a heck of a lot easier to conquer.

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Berlin Longue Sofa, $929, rhteen.com.

Meet the bean bags cooler, older sister: the sofa. For when you want to slump around with company.

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Handmade Medium Sailcloth Bean Bag, $693, quba.com.

Handmade in Devon, England, these bean bags are made out of sailcloths using traditional sailmaker's stitching and applique techniques. Anchor's away!

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Navy Navajo Small Classic Bean Bag by Majestic Home Goods, $130, shop.beanbaghub.com.

Filled with eco-friendly beads, this bean bag can also be used outdoors, so when you get tired of relaxing inside, you can take it outside and relax some more.

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Sacco Chair in Red by , $520, momastore.org.

Created by Italian designers Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro in 1968, the Sacco Chair was one of the first chairs that molded to the person sitting on it. Well done, gentlemen.

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Chocolate Bean Bag, $174, puffchic.com.

Lithuanian-based Puffchic had us at "chocolate."

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