A New Bike Will Change Your Whole Summer

When the weather heats up, nothing beats whipping up a nice breeze by getting on two wheels and cruising around the neighborhood. Here's how to feel the wind in your hair without feeling the pain in your wallet.

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No matter where you stand on the fixie versus geared bike debate, you have to give this bike major points for sheer style. And for any fixie naysayers out there worried about their durability: this bike's high-tensile steel would hardly qualify as flimsy.

6KU Fixie SingleSpeed Bike, $199, citygrounds.com.

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Use a bike as your primary mode of transport? Consider a model with foldable capabilities, like this design by Citizen Bike.

20" 6-speed Folding Bike with Steel Frame, $229, citizenbike.com.
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Can we persuade you to invest in more than one bike? We suggest buying a practical commuter and a stunning cruiser, like this one. Your carefree-weekend bike trips will look so much better.

Women's Casco Bay Cruiser Bike, $269, llbean.com.

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If a reliable commuter with a little style is what you need, we recommend Reid's Condor Road Bike with 14-speed drivetrain.

Condor Road Bike, $299, reidcycles.com.

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If you still can't decide between a fixed gear or a geared bike, why not get yourself a bike that can do both? Big Shot's Copenhagen model is compatible for all riding styles.

Copenhagen Bike, $299, bigshotbikes.com.

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Lugging a heavy bike up and down your apartment building's stairs is never fun, not even for cycling fanatics. But this bike's lightweight aluminum frame means speedy performance and easy lifting.

Avenue A by Gravity, $270, bikesdirect.com.

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We'll admit it: this bike's classic look is what first caught our attention—but its ample cargo space, linear pull brakes, and sturdy steel frame kept our interest.

Men's Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter by Vilano, $178, jet.com.

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Never sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa. The high handlebars and plush saddle make riding this sleek beach cruiser a breeze,

Chatham-1 Step-Thru Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bike, $180, criticalcycles.com.

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The amazing acceleration power of this road bike by Takara Kabuto will fool everyone into thinking you dropped a lot more than $200 on it.

Single Speed Road Bike by Takara Kabuto, $199, amazon.com.

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The biggest downside to this bike? You'll want to be coasting down a beach boardwalk every single time you go for a ride, even if you're just running an errand.

Kumamoto, $299, purecycles.com.

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