Yes, Drinking Water Is Important

Which is exactly why we've tracked down a bunch of cool devices that help you remember to do it.

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Everyone knows drinking eight cups of water a day is ideal...but how many people are actually drinking eight cups? Certainly not us—which is why we can really get behind the hydration motivation of the Eightcups smart water bottle. Its LED lights blink when it's time for your next cup, based on an analysis of your personal water intake. Better drinking habits await!

Eightcups, $99,
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You can think of the Ulla as the tech-y upgrade to your favorite water bottle. It fits into any bottle or glass, and keeps your water intake on track by blinking and vibrating every 30–40 minutes. Hey, a gentle reminder never hurt anybody.

Ulla, $25,
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Do you think drinking eight cups of water a day is a tad excessive? It's okay, most people do, which is why Pryme Vessyl created a dynamic hydration schedule that factors in everything from age to weight to height and even sleep cycle.

Pryme Vessyl, $99,
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Here's an all too familiar scenario: You're doing your part to be eco-friendly, avoiding plastic water bottles at all costs, but you can't find a trusted source of water to refill. The All Clear Bottle by Camelbak uses tested UV technology to neutralize and purify water to EPA standards. It's as perfect for daily use as it is for off-the-grid camping adventures.

All Clear Bottle, $99,
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The latest upgrade to the Hidrate Spark bottle includes more app features like push notifications to remind you to drink. Pardon us while we take this, our water bottle is calling.

Hidrate Spark, $55,
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The Aquafrut Bottle is here to save you from overpaying for infused water. The infuser basket at the bottom lets you spike your water with the fruit or veggies of your choosing—so if you've been dreaming of trying asparagus-infused water ever since that ill-fated Whole Foods asparagus water fiasco of '15 (Google it), now's your chance.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle by Aquafrut Bottle, $9,
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The aptly named HydraCoach does everything it promises: it pushes you to achieve and surpass your hydration dreams, thanks to a personal hydration calculator, a sip tracker, and a daily drink monitor.

Hydracoach by Sportline, $30,
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The "smart disks" on this water bottle use light and sound to keep tally of your consumption. The LEDs at the top of the bottle indicate your progress, and automatically reset every 24 hours. There's no trying to pull a fast one on this water bottle.

MyHydrate, $40,
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The H20-Pal is essentially the FitBit of water-drinking. Sync it with your Apple Watch and be prepared to be held accountable for your hydration—or lack thereof. Drink wisely.

H2O-Pal, $99,
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If you're an athlete, coach, or just want to take your health to the next level, consider pre-ordering Trago. The corresponding app for this bottle takes into account your body type and level of activity before tracking your hydration needs. Plus, the group tracking function allows coaches and trainers to keep a watchful eye on the team's hydration.

Cap + Bottle, $49,
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