The Boring Sticky Note Antidote

Stack up all your yellow squares and then theatrically swat them off your desk—your work space is getting a whole new cast of characters, colors, and designs.

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Meet Molang, an adorable, chubby "pig rabbit" from Korea who is here to make all your work-related woes better.

Molang Basic Cute Sticky Memo by Bookcodi, $4,

Specially designed to ensure you never forget to pick up orange juice again.

Farmer's Market Notepad, $10,
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Pairs well with astrophysics and astronomy classes.

Full Moon Sticky Note, $6,

Clean-cut geometric designs for the minimalist at heart.

Geometric Sticky Notes by Drop Around x Classiky, $4,
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The ultimate tool for color-coordinating your to-do lists.

Rainbow Sticky Note, $7,
Take a bite out of this ruby red memo pad and never forget another assignment again!
Apple Memo Notepad by Kikkerland Design, $4,
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Marking a chapter in your book is exponentially more fun when you have a plump, little penguin doing it for you.

Emperor Penguin Bookmarks Post-it Index Paper, $7,

A few helpful reminders to keep on hand when the stress levels are running high.

Thumbs Up Sticky Note Set, $12,
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A cube so summery and idyllic you won't want to tear off the notes!

Beach-Goers Sticky Note Cube, $12,

These translucent tracing paper sticky notes are perfect for attaching onto calendars, books, and other surfaces you don't want to completely cover up with your scribbled thoughts.

Sticky It Tracing Paper Sticky Notes by Iconic, $6,
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