Bar Soaps Just Got a Beautiful Update

Over the years, we may have swapped out our tried-and-true bars of soap for more elegant shower gels and body washes. But time-tested bar soaps are ready for a comeback, especially when they're as pretty as these. Not convinced? Check them out!

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Fan Art

Inspired by the love interest in a certain salacious novel, this soap's musky scent and sleek design make it a handsome gift.

Ombre Soap by Sweet n Charming Soaps, $6,
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Sour and Salty

Not only does Pink Himalayan Salt add a pretty, crystallized look to this soap, it also has a detoxing effect on skin.

Grapefruit + Sea Salt Bar Soap, $7,
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From the Vine

These three soaps, with subtle scents such as Champagne, white zinfandel, and cabernet sauvignon, are each perfectly moisturizing. That's something no one can whine about.

Wine Soap Gift Set by Ginger Grey Soaps, $15,
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Sophisticated Soap

Your favorite candles also come in soap form, making shower time even more luxurious. Try out Diptyque's Philosykos scent for a refreshing fig-and-cedar aroma.

Philosykos Soap by Diptyque, $25,
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Splash of Color

The purple stripe on this soap is more than just a bold accent—it's filled with hydrating glycerin.

Vitamin Cleansing Bar, $17,
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Crystal Clean

Sure, $22 may be a lot for soap. But this isn't any ordinary shower product. Wild Medicine places crystals inside glycerin soaps for those who'd like a metaphysical detox to go along with their physical cleansing.

Titanium Quartz Tea Tree Soap, $22,
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Black Magic

Not only does charcoal help to detox skin, it also looks super-sleek in soap form.

Shaman Black Charcoal Soap, $18,
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Daily Detox

Made with clay and oats, this soap soaks up excess oil for your cleanest skin ever.

Detox Bar Soap by V76 by Vaughn, $14,
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Opal Option

Ylang-ylang and jasmine essential oils give this pretty soap a relaxing scent. Plus, a White Opal stone—called the "stone of inspiration" by metaphysical practitioners—is said to to boost creativity. Hey, we won't question it if you won't.

Flower of Life Soap, $7,
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Rock On

Inspired by the natural shapes of white turquoise, this bar soap makes a striking addition to any shower ledge. Its aloe and white-lilac scent is also universally pleasing.

White Turquoise Bar Soap by Rock Hound Soap, $6,
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